VRF Technology
Technology - VRF Technology- technology beyond compare

Duracool Airconditioning has always focused on technological superiority and advancement.  Our overwhelming range of solutions boasts of new inclusions of high-end, sophisticated models that are conducive, effective, beneficial and eco-friendly with the latest VRF technology that are high-end machines, yielding huge power savings, bound with improved safety standards; alongwith customised service packages for AMCs (Annual Maintenance Contract), and migration from CFC gases to more environment friendly gases.

The incomparable and unique characteristics of this technology in the CAC (Commercial Air-conditioning) segment comprise of being conducive to environment, economic, utmost support to engineering facets, easy design and installation. A quintessential feature happens to be meeting the needs of high energy efficiency and environmental friendliness. The state-of-the-art technology ensures optimum customer satisfaction, embodying in the largest capacity units that tend to be extremely essential for high rise buildings and apartments.

As the latest in the league of classy and high-end air-conditioners, VRF technology is aptly and amply applicable to the new outdoor units to reduce noise levels. With Alternate-Cycling function that extends compressor multifold by operating them alternately, it is insurmountably helpful in meeting diverse load in operation. Plethora of features can be the reasons to have the most tranquil and congenial offices, workstations, Malls, factories and so on.

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