Knowing the importance of serene, undisturbed and unblemished environment, and enhanced comfort at home and work places, Duracool Airconditioning desires to provide ambience that will meet innumerable aspirations and requirements.

Duracool Airconditioning has emerged with initiatives of experienced individuals and entrepreneurs coming together, giving a head-start to the company with a vision of providing simple and effective HVAC (Heat, Ventilation, Air Conditioning) solutions, with the objectives of positioning themselves as a brand in the Air-conditioning sales and services segment at large.

Since incorporation, in 1999, Duracool Airconditioning has been in the league of service and solution providers with the abilities, research and technological strength. Undeniably, it has been a long and enterprising journey for the company to have explored new horizons of holistic solutions. The company has stemmed out with practical inventiveness and enterprising attributes.

The young generation company, with innovative ideas and youthful thoughts of the management, abounds with required skills and adeptness. Their inspirational leadership has led the organisation to the real cusp of professionalism.
Mr. Kamal jaiswal (CEO – Projects)
Mr. Ganesh Achpilya (Head – RAC, Mumbai)
Mr. Sagar Vaidya (Head – Pune)
Mr. Kishen Dev Jaiswal (Head – Administration)
Their credentials, contribution, deliberation and approach to create dimensions of providing products, holistic solutions and diversify, have been the key to the organisation’s ascent. These characteristics have enabled the company to meet the requirements on time, having executed high value projects, also, to take crucial decisions on time.  A clearly laid out job profile by the management helps people understand, and enables every inhabitant to take responsibility and execute with utmost efficiency, envisioning a high performance spectrum. The company has been exercising hard core professionalism, being sensitive towards customers.

Duracool Airconditioning has forayed into the industry with activities that include Sales of Air- conditioners, unerring After sales services (or post-sales), Consultancy and Solutions in the off-putting process, in collaboration as channel partners with esteemed names like L G Electronics (I) Pvt. Ltd., Daikin Airconditioning (I) Pvt. Ltd., Hitachi Home & Life Solutions (I) Ltd. for their reputed brands of air-conditioners.

Duracool Air conditioning is committed to meeting the customers’ integrated needs by providing cost effective solutions to assorted Air-conditioning priorities in CAC (Commercial Air-conditioning) and RAC (Room Air-conditioning) segments.

We, at Duracool Airconditioning , sense the essence and paramount importance of complete HVAC solutions to the verticals across the country; the imperative need of an arm that takes care of the entire process viz. selection, installation, configuration and maintenance of the units that assures safety, comfort, orderly integration and smooth operations. The company has amalgamated expertise, experience and research of the spectrum, and has encompassed resources to provide related solutions.

Duracool Airconditioning’s presence has not only been creating congenial ambience in homes and offices, but also meeting the requirements of the smallest rooms unto the largest warehouses, factories, showrooms, Malls, buildings and so on.

Keeping professionalism abreast, the solutions provided are futuristic and competitive with today's fast growing HVAC industry. Resultantly, we have earned an excellent reputation for engineering elegance, execution and long term reliability.

The company has been steadfast in identifying the needs of the industry and customising ready solutions, and recommending perfect brand products. We, at Duracool Air-conditioning, have successfully executed projects all over India viz. in Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore, Chennai and many more cities, meeting the most stringent time schedules and commitments, and well in line with the vision of our Architects, Consultants and Customers.

The company has experienced a high growth trajectory since inception. The revenues have soared high raking figures, with an estimated future year-on-year growth of 30% in the RAC and 100% in the CAC segments.

We are persistent in the direction of expansion and growth of the company. We have been successful in augmenting our customer base all over India, and we anticipate surpassing newer milestones in the years to come. Our focus is on vertical as well as horizontal expansion of the organisation, capturing a vast gamut of the market at large.

With a futuristic aim of giving advantage and benefit to the customers with supremely technology oriented brands, we intend to create multiple service locations to have better turn around time, mobile service vans, implementation of cost effective processes, increased manpower inorder to provide round the clock services to the customers, ensuring solutions to customers’ problems in minimum time frame.

Our focus is to provide air-conditioners with efforts towards continuous improvement. Customer’s satisfaction is our Concern, and we aim to continually strive for them.

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