Our methodology is one of our competitive strengths and a unique element of the company that makes the company systemic, methodical and professional. 
Stage-wise allocation of components in the process of mobilising, installations of the equipments (Air Conditioners/HVAC) that make the process comprehensive for the customers.
Proper training imparted to the service team.
Application made simple and comprehensive.
Dedicated departments for different tasks; Deputation of leaders and experts for diverse tasks.
“Just – in - Time” working concept for the simplest and complex requirements.
Perfect coordination unto culmination of tasks.
Proper stage-wise coordination until completion.
Every department follows proper practices and processes.
Job planning is done and a project schedule is prepared.
A well-organised interface to communicate with our customers.
Periodic follow-up and good interaction with customers helps building a good rapport; keeping constant touch at all levels viz. Architects, Consultants, Vendors and Customers.
Proper process of mobilising the equipments, with logistics support, Site Inspection and installations done by qualified persons.
Recommendation of Ideal tonnage, keeping in mind all heat load factors.
Identification of location for installation of the units.
Equipments, units and machines are supplied to the site along with the required tools and materials for installations, and adequate procedures are used to test and do the final commissioning.

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