The genesis of Duracool Airconditioning stems out from its diversified business divisions, distributing products that are cost effective, efficient, user-friendly, operable and result-oriented, and adaptable to functioning of clients’ perspectives and priorities in the HVAC (Heating ventilating Air-conditioning) industry, and they are Sales and Services of CAC (Commercial Air conditioners) and RAC (Room Air conditioners).

With business insights, we have partnered with reputed brands like LG, Daikin, Mitsubishi, Hitachi etc., to provide international quality products known for their technological superiority and innovation, through our business divisions of CAC and RAC, coupled with related services. With extensive research of the industry and the demography, we have formulated the business divisions, in order to meet the requirements of CAC and RAC requirements across households and verticals. The equipments are seemly innovative, and value for investment.

Our intent is to leverage the depth of our skills and expertise in installing, executing and maintaining service quotient with top quality performance. The company’s endeavour is to augment the brand equity, and garner customer satisfaction and loyalty through these business divisions.

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